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Toronto Bicycle Accident Lawyers

When bicycles collide with cars, trucks and other vehicles, bicycles almost always lose. That is the unfortunate truth for cyclists: Even if they take all necessary precautions, such as wearing a helmet and observing all traffic laws, they still face a significant risk of being catastrophically injured or killed when an accident occurs.

At Kronis, Rotsztain, Margles, Cappel LLP, our personal injury lawyers in Toronto are focused on helping bicycle accident victims obtain the full compensation they deserve for injuries they suffer due to the negligence of other motorists. This is in addition to “no fault” accident benefits available under their own auto insurance policies.

Catastrophic Injuries in Bicycle Accidents

When cyclists are hit by cars and other vehicles, they often sustain catastrophic injuries that require extensive surgeries and rehabilitation, such as:

In addition to representing the victims of catastrophic injuries, we also represent surviving family members in fatal bike accident claims.

Ontario Bike Accident Lawyers

We have the proven experience and financial resources necessary to do everything in our power to obtain positive outcomes for our clients in complex personal injury litigation. To speak to a dedicated lawyer regarding your potential bicycle accident claim, contact us for a free consultation by calling 416-218-5630. You will owe no fees until your case reaches a settlement or verdict.