Civil Fraud Litigation

KRMC’s Civil Fraud Litigation Group acts for financial institutions, insurance companies, corporations and individuals that have been defrauded or otherwise harmed as a result of fraudulent schemes.

Through civil court proceedings, we assist clients in tracing and recovering assets lost due to fraud or theft. We have developed a unique expertise in this specialized area of law, and we regularly deal with all types of fraud-related matters, including employee theft, secret commission schemes, mortgage fraud, title fraud, telemarketing and advance-fee loan frauds, credit card fraud and cheque fraud.

Our clients rely upon our experience to diligently pursue their interests, mitigate their losses and maximize their recovery. Our Civil Fraud Litigation Group services include:

  • Tracing, freezing and recovering proceeds of fraud
  • Freezing of bank accounts
  • Shutting down fraudulent websites and phone numbers
  • Obtaining injunctions and orders to seize property and evidence
  • Pursuing negligence, breach of trust and other claims against lawyers, appraisers and other professionals
  • Pursuing tracing, unjust enrichment and other claims against third-party beneficiaries of the fraud or theft
  • Pursuing Bills of Exchange Act and clearing rule claims against financial institutions
  • Obtaining the disclosure of documents used in criminal proceedings for the purposes of civil actions
  • Seeking enforcement of restitution orders awarded in criminal court

Our firm has built strong relationships with law enforcement agencies and we are frequently called upon to assist with cross-border advance-fee and telemarketing fraud matters, including proceedings commenced by the attorneys general of various U.S. states.

For more information please contact one of our Civil Fraud Litigation lawyers.