About KRMC

KRMC is a diverse, multi-service law firm located in the thriving uptown business district. Powered by an impressive team of lawyers, law clerks and support staff, KRMC provides business, litigation and personal legal services in a wide range of practice areas.

KRMC represents a broad cross-section of clients. Our business clients include a number of Canada’s major banks, prominent multinational corporations, financing and leasing companies, private equity firms, professionals and many owner-operated businesses, both large and small. KRMC offers legal services for individuals in the areas of wills and estates, real estate, and personal injury litigation.

As a mid-sized Ontario firm, KRMC offers its clients the best of both worlds. We have the expertise and resources to comprehensively meet our clients’ needs while remaining accessible, flexible and focused on client service. We have built our reputation on our professionalism, depth of knowledge, experience and ability to achieve results — a reputation that we work to earn every day.

KRMC understands that, above all else, client service is paramount. We are guided by a “client-first” philosophy, comprising three key principles:

  • Service: We strive to provide attentive and responsive legal representation, handling matters promptly and professionally, with a focus on our clients’ objectives.
  • Value: We are dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional value. We respect each client’s bottom line by working efficiently and incurring only those expenses that are necessary to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Results: We understand that practical and timely results are what our clients want. We have an extensive track record of achieving favourable results, and our clients know they can rely on us to diligently pursue solutions to their legal issues.

KRMC is a modern law firm with deep roots. The firm’s history can be traced to 1972, when Jules Kronis became a partner in a predecessor law firm. In 1979 KRMC’s two most senior lawyers, Jules Kronis and Jack Rotsztain, first became partners in the practice of law. When Andrea Margles and Bruce Cappel joined the partnership in 1985, the foundation was established for what would eventually grow into the KRMC of today.

If you would like to learn more about our firm, we encourage you to contact us.