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Toronto Accidental Death Insurance Claim Lawyers

Has your life insurance company denied your claim or ruled that the death of your loved one does not qualify for accidental death benefits under the terms of your policy? Do not give up hope; an experienced insurance lawyer can help you get the benefits you are entitled to for accidental death.

At Kronis, Rotsztain, Margles, Cappel LLP, our team of lawyers has extensive experience handling accidental death insurance litigation in the Greater Toronto Area. We are dedicated to our clients and will do everything in our power to hold your insurance company accountable for its responsibilities.

Making the Case for Accidental Death Benefits

It is not uncommon for insurance companies to deny that a death was accidental and avoid paying out the accidental death benefits. In many cases, whether or not a death was “accidental” comes down to semantics, as insurance policies are written very narrowly.

Our team will pore through the details of your insurance policy and the situation surrounding your loved one’s accidental death in order to craft a compelling case on your behalf. We have the financial resources to pursue these complex claims, and you will owe no fees until your case reaches a settlement or verdict.

Ontario Wrongful Death Claim Lawyers — Free Consultations

To discuss your insurance dispute with a lawyer from our firm, contact us at 416-218-5630. We are here to help you.