Insurance Law

At Kronis, Rotsztain, Margles, Cappel LLP, we have developed a specialty in handling insurance rejection cases on behalf of plaintiffs. We operate on a contingency basis: You won’t have to pay anything until the resolution of your case.

Well-Versed in All Types of Insurance Policies and Issues

We have handled numerous cases of all types. Cases we handle involve claim rejections on long-term disability insurance, life insurance, critical illness and numerous other types of policies.

Do not assume that you have no case. Insurance rejections can be complicated. Technical terms in the insurance contracts drafted by your insurer can be misinterpreted and incorrectly applied to your situation. If you have questions about how an insurance carrier is handling your claim, contact us today to meet with one of our skilled lawyers during a free consultation at one of our two conveniently located offices in Toronto.

Toronto Insurance Litigation Lawyers Fighting for You and the Compensation You Need

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Insurance rejections can come in many forms. The insurer may suggest you failed to inform it of some facts in your medical history, for example. It could state that you did not provide certain key documents or information in a timely fashion. It may say you or a loved one does not meet the “policy definitions” under the policy and that you are not seriously disabled. There is a lot of room for argument in these types of cases.

It will cost nothing for you to call us and talk about your situation. We offer free initial consultations either in person or over the phone. It may be a very smart call for you to make. Consult with us today at 416-218-5630.