Wazchma Afzaly

Wazchma Afzaly

Wazchma Afzaly


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  • Algonquin College, Paralegal Studies Diploma, 2010
  • Centennial College, Adult Teacher/Trainer Certificate, 2006
  • Seneca Collage, Law Clerk Diploma, 2001
Practice Areas


Wazchma has been practicing as a Licensed Paralegal since 2010 and has had the opportunity to work with many different types of clients. As a result of this experience, Wazchma considers complex files to be opportunities to find creative solutions to surmount them.

Wazchma has litigated numerous cases at Small Claims Court, the Landlord and Tenant Board and the Ministry of the Attorney General’s Tribunals.

Wazchma has worked in prestigious law firms and in government agencies. She enjoys the complexity of cases and the application of the law to the client's specific circumstances. Embracing challenging cases is enriching to Wazchma on a personal level as well as on an academic and professional level.

At KRMC, Wazchma handles Creditors’ Rights Small Claims Court matters for financial institutions in Canada. Wazchma works closely with the firm’s lawyers and support staff and enjoys working as part of a team.