Security Alert: Warning: Secret Shopper (Customer Service Evaluator) and Counterfeit Cheque Fraud

A group of unknown individuals are fraudulently holding themselves out to be representatives of, or affiliated with, our law firm. Letters are being mailed to individuals with KRMC’s name appearing on them. Counterfeit cheques, purportedly issued by our law firm, are also being used in furtherance of the fraud.

Individuals are being advised that they have been selected to participate in a “paid consumer research program” as a “mystery shopper”. Amongst other things, the recipient of the letter is asked to negotiate the counterfeit cheque and transfer the funds (via Western Union or Moneygram) to various named payees, and to complete an “evaluation” of the services provided by Western Union or Moneygram thereafter. Details on this type of fraud can be found at

Our law firm does not organize or participate in any secret shopper or customer service evaluation programmes. This is a fraud and the cheques are counterfeit.

If you receive one of these fraudulent letters and counterfeit cheques please DO NOT attempt to negotiate the cheque. Kindly contact us at 416-225-8750 to report this matter. You may also report this fraud to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 or [email protected]